Here are some common types of nail designs you can find:
1. Solid Color: Simple paint colors are a popular choice, from basic colors like black, white, red to delicate colors like nude, pastel pink.
2. French Tips: A classic nail style with white or nude polish on the tip of the nail, with a clear wavy line between the painted part and the natural part of the nail.
3. Glitter: Glitter polish or nail polish that contains or is decorated with glitter, creating a dazzling glitter effect on the nail.
4. Ombre: A color style that smoothly transitions from one color to another, creating a smooth color effect on the nail.
5. Marble: A nail art style with paint created to look like a piece of marble, creating a nail design with an intricate and unique look.
6. Nail Art Designs: Including everything from patterns, geometric motifs, to animal or landscape drawings, all drawn or applied to the nail with creativity and sophisticated technique.
7. Matte Finish: A type of paint or coating to create a matte or elegant effect, often combined with other nail designs to create a unique style.
8. Chrome or Metallic: A sparkling style with metallic colors or glitter polish to create a personalized and attractive manicure.

With this variety, you can choose from basic nail designs to complex nail art styles, depending on your style and preferences.