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Why do nails weaken after removing gel polish?


Nails can weaken after gel polish removal for a number of reasons:

Dehydration: The process of removing gel polish often involves soaking nails in acetone or using other drying agents. This can strip the nail of its natural oils and moisture, leading to dehydration and weakening of the nail plate.

Mechanical damage: Scraping or peeling off gel polish can cause mechanical damage to the nail. If not done carefully and properly, it can lead to peeling, splitting or thinning of the nail plate, causing the nail to weaken.

Chemical exposure: Gel polish removal involves exposure to acetone or other chemical solvents, which can weaken nails over time, especially if done frequently or improperly.

Filing too much: Sometimes, nail technicians can file too much during gel polish removal, removing too much of the nail plate and weakening the nail.

Basic nail health: If the nail is already weak or damaged before the gel application, the nail removal process may aggravate these problems. Weak nails can be caused by factors such as nutritional deficiencies, health conditions or improper nail care.

To minimize nail weakening after gel polish removal, it is essential to follow proper nail polish removal techniques and take steps to nourish and strengthen the nails afterward. This may include:

Use gentle removal methods, such as soaking the nail in acetone or covering it with foil, to minimize damage to the nail plate.
Regularly moisturize your nails and surrounding skin with oil or moisturizer to replenish moisture lost during the removal process.
Avoid filing or buffing your nails too much during nail removal and subsequent manicures.
Take breaks between gel applications to allow your nails to recover and strengthen naturally.
Use nail strengtheners or treatments containing ingredients such as biotin, keratin or vitamins to support nail health and promote strength and resilience.
By following these tips and practicing proper nail care, you can help minimize the risk of your nails weakening after gel polish removal and maintain healthy nails over time.

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